Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet Caleb Smith

Earlier this year, Secret Cravings Publishing, the publisher of my contemporary romance, Change of Address, held a Villain's Day blog hop where the authors introduced the 'villains' of their stories. I chose to interview Caleb Smith. I thought I would share this interview with everyone who might not have seen it yet. I hope you enjoy!

An interview with Caleb Smith from Change of Address
By Natalie-Nicole Bates

I’m pleased today to have the chance to chat with my “villain” from Change of Address, Caleb Smith.

Natalie-Nicole: Caleb, thank you so much for this opportunity to chat. I know you’re anxious to share some of your thoughts and feelings about Josselyn Adler and Ben Parnell.

Caleb: I feel it’s important to clear the air a bit on certain subjects, so I’m happy to spend a few minutes with you.

Natalie-Nicole: It has been suggested that you use your position as a police officer to intimidate certain people in Unity.

Caleb: Are you speaking about Ben Parnell?

Natalie-Nicole: Ben, among others.

Caleb: I am a consummate professional. I have never used my position or sense of authority to intimidate anyone. Ben merely feels threatened by my presence on Josselyn’s life.

Natalie-Nicole: And why do you think that is. I mean, Ben is a successful cancer specialist. From my understanding he is quite an upstanding citizen as well. He and Josselyn seem to be a perfect romantic match.

Caleb: Huh! Upstanding citizen you say? Don’t you know of his recent past? You need to catch up on the facts, Girl. But let me sum up Ben Parnell for you: Haughty, arrogant, and aware of his own self-importance.

Natalie-Nicole: Why do you despise Ben so much?

Caleb: We have a long past together. Let’s just say that Ben was quite the bully way back when.

Natalie-Nicole: So the bullied has now become the bully? You’re getting back at him by trying to drive a wedge between him and Josselyn?

Caleb: Josselyn is a sweet, lovely woman who has had a rough life. She deserves better than Ben Parnell. What I feel for her has nothing to do with my hatred of Ben Parnell.

Natalie-Nicole: But, Caleb, it is true that you’ve been going out of your way to not only poison Josselyn’s mind regarding Ben, but you’ve also been threatening to arrest Ben on more than one occasion.

Caleb: Nonsense. You speak as though Ben is some threat to me. I am the threat to him.

Natalie-Nicole: Well, on that rather frightening note, I will thank you, Caleb, for spending some time with me today. To learn more about Caleb Smith, Josselyn Adler, and Ben Parnell, read Change of Address available now at Sweet Cravings Publishing.


  1. hi natalie and caleb i have a few questions one for natalie and a 2 part question for caleb cause i have read change of address. Natalie do you think you will continue joss , ben and caleb story in another book. and caleb do you think that maybe ben has changed and second part of my question is why did you become a cop signed micheleann oboyle

  2. Hi Micheleann~Thank you for your questions!

    No, I probably won't continue on with Joss and Ben, though you'll probably see them pop up here and there in future Unity stories. As for Caleb and his complex personality, I will have to find him a very strong heroine! Next up, I plan to write Amii and Ryan's story~the super duo who live in the cottage near the lake.

    And from Caleb~

    A leopard never changes his spots-Joss might believe Ben is a changed man, but I have my doubts.

    As for why I decided to enter the Unity Police force, as you know, Unity is a very small town (maybe not for long!)and when I was younger (as you know I'm slighlty older than some of the others...)Unity Police was one of the few places who was hiring residents. So here I am, and here I will continue.