Sunday, October 18, 2015

EVE OF ALL HALLOWS is now available at Leap of Faith Publishing!

Just in time for Halloween!

I'm thrilled that EVE OF ALL HALLOWS,  my short paranormal romance with just a touch of horror is now available exclusively at Leap of Faith Publishing!

Be sure to visit Leap of Faith today to grab your copy of EVE OF ALL HALLOWS!

As Jamie travels the world in search of fulfillment, she arrives in Majorca the day before Halloween. Almost immediately, she realizes all is not what it seems. There are no tourists, and everyone is just a bit -- different. She meets a local tattooist named Carlito, a native of Peru. The attraction is instantaneous and intense. He makes her an unbelievable offer. But whether it means heaven or horror, she is not sure. When the Eve of All Hallows meets All Saints Day only Fate can decide the outcome.

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