Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Cover Reveal + Preorder: Love, Life, and Cupcakes




🧁A Cupcake Shop Novella 🧁

Natalie-Nicole Bates

Release Day: July 9, 2022



Lyle Chaplin is a single dad new to town. He wants nothing more than to raise his six-year-old daughter Lila in a quiet, safe environment.

But one day Lila vanishes from beside him on the street and Lyle goes into panic mode. It turns out that Lila had spotted a tray of cookies and cream cupcakes in the window of the local café and couldn’t help but wander inside where she is greeted by the owner, Marley James.

It’s then that Lila decides that Marley would be a perfect mother for her!

Lyle is grateful for the care and joy that Marley lavishes on his little girl. Still, he tries to avoid the café and his growing attraction for its proprietor. To Lyle, Marley is too young and free. But no matter how much distance he puts between himself and Marley, Lila is always there to reunite them!