Thursday, February 15, 2024

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Natalie-Nicole Bates

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What ever happened to Kiersten Conifer?

When the former child actress disappeared without a trace, it was determined she met with foul play. Seven years later, everyone has forgotten Kirsten Conifer, except for Abigail Brady.

Abigail is convinced Kiersten Conifer is alive and well and living under the assumed name Lauralee Smith.

Abigail travels to Paris to confront Lauralee about her possible involvement with Abigail’s late father, a detective who obsessed over Kiersten Conifer’s disappearance. 

But when she finds Lauralee working as an angel at a Heaven and Hell club and takes the time to get to know her, her resolve to expose Lauralee Smith as Kiersten Conifer evaporates. 

As they grow closer, Abigail knows she must reveal the truth and get the answers only Lauralee can provide, and risk losing Lauralee forever.