Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 Star Review from Night Owl Reviews for Antique Charming!

Antique Charming just received a 5 star review from Night Owl Reviews!

Score: 5.00 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick
Third generation funeral director Lizzie Morton has just purchased the long abandoned Nichols Funeral Home.  Soon after moving in to the upstairs flat, a late night knock at the door signals the arrival of a man claiming to be Adam Nichols, the former owner of the funeral home. The trouble is Adam Nichols owned the funeral home over one hundred years earlier.
At first, Lizzie doesn’t believe him, but soon she begins to wonder if he really is who he claims to be, and if he is, just what she has allowed to pass into her home.
Antique Charming is a gothic-style short story that will have you wishing for a full-length novel. Adam Nichols is a refreshing change from the garden variety vamps, shifters, and zombies that have flooded the market. At the end of the story, you will have more questions than answers, especially what exactly is Adam Nichols, and where has he been the last one hundred years or so. I found this story absolutely fascinating. I will be the first in line to petition Ms. Bates publisher to demand a full length novel!