Sara-Kate's Spirit

Fallen spirit guide Sara-Kate has cocooned herself into an isolating, lonely life on earth. After a series of devastating incidents, she now prefers solitude to contact with others.
Her quiet existence is shattered when one night outside of her home, Sara-Kate awakens to the sound of a horrible accident, and finds a man near death. She offers comfort to the dying man before setting off back home.

Soon after, a knock at the door brings a surprise.

The dead man has somehow managed to follow her home!

Reed Thayer is dead, and doesn’t know it.

As Sara-Kate struggles with how to tell Reed about his new existence, her feelings for him continue to grow and a relationship blooms. She knows nothing will ever be the same for them when he finally learns the truth, and that their new found love may die when all is revealed.

"On the surface, "Sara-Kate’s Spirit" seems like a light little paranormal—it is not. Although it is novella-size, it is crammed full of emotion and deep character development. The reader feels for Sara-Kate, for her past pain and her current predicament with Reed. I welcome that the love scene does not read as a sex manual, but rather a beautiful act of love. The story is of certain duality between a human life and a spirit life. You rarely see a spirit guide as a character in a romance, and "Sara-Kate Spirit" does not disappoint."

5 Star TOP PICK ~ Night Owl Reviews

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Sara-Kate’s peaceful sleep was shattered by the sound of crunching metal and images of black smoke.
If she were conscious, the decision would be easy. She would shut out the world and stay in her comfortable bed.
It wasn’t her job anymore to worry about the welfare of people in trouble. As it was now, she still went above and beyond what was expected of her.
But often in sleep, the unconscious overrides common sense, and the emotions of spirit were harder to keep in check.
Sara-Kate rose out of her body with the grace of a butterfly. With her feet hovering several inches from the oak floor, she floated from the bedroom, down the staircase, and through the front door as if it wasn’t there.
Her instincts carried her through her front garden, beyond the gate and onto the road—the place she never ventured to in her human form. Her self-imposed exile wasn’t because she was cold or cruel, she simply couldn’t face any more heart breaking loss. To stay inside her own piece of heaven was to keep her heart safe. Besides, there were strict rules when it came to spirits and the living.
Something looked different.
Even though she never left the sanctuary of her home, she knew how the road beyond looked, the layout of the houses. This place was different. This was another dimension.
She died a long time earlier, and could pass through dimensions with ease. Occasionally, she couldn’t control it—like tonight. It happened before. Still, no matter where she travelled, she still managed to find her way home.
Now, there was a matter at hand.
An acrid smoke filled the air, a sure sign an accident occurred on the unfamiliar road. This was confirmed by the sight of twisted metal. Bittersweet emotion filled Sara-Kate. While it was true that a human life was most likely lost, a soul would move on to a new plane of existence, where peace and love might be waiting.
A plane Sara-Kate never rose to.
She drifted to the car, one time a fancy little red import, and passed through the window. and into the passenger seat. By the look at the interior, the car’s airbag failed to deploy, and lurched its driver forward against the restraints.  Her eyes focused on the driver, by his uneven breathing, he was still alive, just barely.
Blood bubbled from his nose, and his eyes fixed to the ceiling. She leaned over and smoothed back his long dark hair from his face. Laying a gentle hand against his forehead, she tried to instill healing into the man, but her instinct told her clearly her healing would not be enough to save him. Instead, she hoped her touch would instead bring him comfort.
His head turned only enough to connect his eyes to hers.
Shock rocked her. Could he actually see her? There was a fear and disbelief in his eyes for sure, but  he was focused on her eyes, as well. Even at the brink of death, no one ever detected her before. Now she thought, he’s very, very special. He would go on to do amazing things in his next existence, and that brought Sara-Kate great joy.
“Just let go,” she encouraged.
“I don’t want to die,” he whispered, his voice thick and raspy.
“It will be better, Reed,  I promise.”
“You know my name.  You must be some kind of angel.”
She smiled. “Not exactly. I’m just here to help you transition into your new life.”
Tears poured from his eyes. “Please don’t leave me.”
“I’m not going anywhere, she said, and sent as much comfort and love through her hand and into his body as she could muster, without completely draining herself. Sirens blared off in the distance, and Reed’s breath became ragged. As he took his final breath, she lifted her hand from his forehead, and pressed a kiss against his cool skin.

When she saw the flashing red and blue lights of police and ambulance vehicles, she decided to make her exit from the scene. There was nothing more she could do now but return home to her own dimension, to her body and her bed.

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