Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Christmas Books Day 6: Meet Me in London


Christmas Books- Day 6 


Natalie-Nicole Bates


For nearly three years after the death of his fiancée, Elliott Everly has wondered about the woman who received Calinda's heart. While in London on business, he contacts Mia Astor and sets up a long overdue meeting.

When he meets Mia, he understands why everyone who knows her, loves her. She is sweet, beautiful, and a breath of fresh air. But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Mia is that she knows intimate details of conversations he once shared with Calinda. Mia calls it "heart memory" - that the heart never forgets, and Calinda's fondest memories are now part of her.

Elliott is immediately smitten with the dark-haired beauty, but is it Mia he cares for, or is it the part of Calinda that lives on in Mia?

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