Friday, December 2, 2022

Teaser Time: For the Love of Pomegranate


🍷A Liquor Shop Novella

Natalie-Nicole Bates

🎄Release Date: December 24, 2022

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Jorie Beckett has never celebrated Christmas. 

Now after returning home after an extended period abroad, she looks forward to renewing her relationship with her family and starting her life anew. 

Even if that means celebrating the holiday.

She doesn’t expect to run into her high school sweetheart at a Christmas Market where she sells pomegranate gin and marshmallows.

Kyle Koykendall always pledged to love and protect Jorie but didn’t live up to his promise. He’s now bitter and angry, and Jorie can’t understand why. After all, he failed her, not the other way around.

Can Jorie and Kyle work through the secrets and lies of the past that split them apart, and rediscover their love? Or will Jorie’s first Christmas be a memorable disaster?


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