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🏩 The Albion: 1892

Book 5

Natalie-Nicole Bates



December 1892

Connie Sweet arrives at The Albion Hotel to celebrate Christmas with her Aunt Minerva and prepare herself for her new position as a music teacher at the local blind asylum.

Connie is more than qualified to work with the blind since she herself is blind. 

But blindness does not define her. 

She is confident as both a blind woman and a teacher. 

Connie is extra excited because Aunt Minerva met her husband at The Albion, and told Connie that Carlyle Street has a special magic about it.

When a family emergency delays Aunt Minerva, Connie meets a wonderful barman at The Albion named Sam McGreevy, who is awaiting the results of his medical school examinations, and a wonderful new friend named Emma. 

Connie and Sam are instantly drawn to each other, and love is in the air.

But just as Connie and Sam begin to believe in the magic of Carlyle Street and The Albion Hotel, outside forces cause them both to wonder if it's not magic but an illusion.

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