Sunday, February 12, 2023

Teaser Time! SAVE ME (See Me Rise: Book 2)


Natalie-Nicole Bates

See Me Rise: Book 2





For over one hundred years, Daniel Tremont searched for the woman who brought him back from the dead after a tragic fire. He is sure she is the love of his life. When he finally catches up with her, he realizes he’s made a terrible mistake.

Alone in his grief, Daniel stumbles upon the remains of a long closed insane asylum. In the distance, he sees a beautiful young woman beckon to him.

Is she real, or simply the spirit of a long dead former inmate of the asylum?

Terminally ill Brecklin is at the asylum remains to spend the last day of her life alone. Daniel’s arrival now complicates her plans. But Brecklin soon realizes Daniel isn’t an ordinary man. He needs her to save him, and in return, he will save her. Can she believe long enough to alter the course of her fading life, and maybe in return, find a forever love?

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