Saturday, March 16, 2024

Teaser Time: THE WIDOW




🏨 The Albion: 1892 Book 7

Natalie-Nicole Bates

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Can love come twice to Valerie McKenzie?

Valerie arrives back in her hometown after a seven-year estrangement.

She is now a widow and there to see through her late father’s affairs.

But things are revealed to Valerie about the past that leave her reeling. Including the fact she has been declared dead!

But not all is dire.

Valerie meets and accepts employment with the local druggist, Horatio Cooper Clark.

Horatio is skeptical, but soon realizes that the fiery red-haired Valerie is more than just a widow. She is beautiful, intelligent, and possesses just the right amount of sass.

As Valerie and Horatio grow closer, she begins to imagine a possible future with him, but she is still deeply haunted by her past.

Can Valerie make peace with the events of her past and move on to a beautiful future with Horatio? Or will she turn her back on love and leave town forever?

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