Monday, April 15, 2024

BLAME IT ON THE SPRING: New Cover + .99 Sale



🌸 Spring Fling Special Price Just .99!! 🌸


Natalie-Nicole Bates

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Lena DeRapau spends her time working as a tour guide, crafting her witchy potions 🧪 and powders, and indulging in a few late-night out-of-body experiences. The last person she expects to walk into one of her out-of-body trips is Drew Jones, the man who left her more than one hundred years earlier to pursue a higher calling. 

The next morning, he turns up as she is finishing Tarot readings, and accidentally breaks several bottles of Lena’s Spring Fling Love Potion. Almost immediately, he begins professing his undying love for Lena. 

Drew Jones is back in New Orleans for one reason – to reclaim his lost bride. Now he has to convince Lena they are meant for each other. When he accidentally cuts himself on her Spring Fling Love Potion bottles, he sees it as his opportunity to get closer to Lena. 

By being her love zombie!  

As they grow closer, Drew knows he must come clean about the Spring Fling Love Potion rouse, but when he does, will he lose Lena forever this time?

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